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Boricuas / Latin@s in Global Flux: Shifting Spaces of Inflection

11th Biennial Conference

Denver, Colorado

23 – 26 October 2014

Whereas the majority of Latinos in Colorado are of Mexican descent, Puerto Ricans are the second largest Latino group in the state, and have become increasingly more visible, particularly through a local Taste of Puerto Rico Festival. It is also a known fact that Puerto Rican migration patterns are changing and our population distribution in the United States is being reconfigured. Meanwhile, the political status of Puerto Rico and its relationship with the USA, remains an unresolved and contended matter, even after a fourth referendum on this issue was held in November 2012.

In an environment of perceived increase in political strength and projections for sustained growth in our numbers, Latinos are far from being a homogeneous constituency, and making use/sense of our strengths in organized fashion remains a challenge. Are we really in transition toward a more balanced sharing of power where we may enjoy a more equitable place? If so, how should we negotiate that transition? What can be learned from our experiences in forming alliances across ethnic, racial, national, linguistic differences? What new alliances need to be forged? How do we connect with/to each other? To what extent do we share an identity or have common interests? What is the relative/comparative place of Puerto Ricans within the larger Latino population? How are these issues addressed through literature, music, and other arts/media.

The Host Institutions and Conference Site:

The 11th Biennial PRSA Conference will be hosted by the University of Denver from Thursday 23 to Sunday 26, October 2014 in Denver, Colorado.

The University of Denver (DU) and its Latino Center for Community Engagement and Scholarship (DULCCES) will host the 2014 Biennial Conference. DULCCES is a consortium of interdisciplinary faculty from throughout the university who are committed to placing DU at the center of scholarship, teaching, and service related to Latinos in the Rocky Mountain west.

We expect to release a formal Call for Papers in September 2013 with a due date for responses of January 15, 2014. Please visit the NEW PRSA website at:

For more information, please contact:

For local information: Professor Salvador Mercado, Department of Languages & Literatures, University of Denver, or (303) 871-2184.

For general PRSA information: Professor Charles R. Venator-Santiago, Department of Political Science and El Instituto, University of Connecticut, or (860) 486-9052.


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