Call for Nominations of the Puerto Rican Studies Association

The Puerto Rican Studies Association (PRSA) Nominations Committee is now seeking nominations for the open positions on the 2014 ballot to serve during the 2015-2016 cycle. PRSA members in good standing should nominate themselves or be nominated by their peers and accept said nomination. We invite you to visit the website and engage in a dialogue with the Executive Council and the membership about our legacy, accomplishments, initiatives, and prospects for the future of PRSA. This is your opportunity to take part in the shaping of the Puerto Rican Studies Association.

This coming year there will be elections for the following positions:

1. Vice-President/President-Elect

2. Treasurer

3. Secretary

4. Publications and Communications Officer*

5. Members-at-Large (1 vacancy)

6. Student Representatives (2 vacancies)

We seek at least two to three nominees for each vacant position.

*The Executive Committee will conduct a special election for the currently vacant Publications and Communications Officer position for the period between 2013 and 2014. This officer will be able to serve an additional term should s/he be interested (and elected by the membership) to serve an additional term (2015-2016).

Important Deadlines:
All nominations must be completed by November 30, 2013.
Nominees need to complete the PRSA Officers and Executive Council Nomination Form and submitted to Professor Solsiree del Moral by February 15, 2014.

Please fill out the appropriate information on the Nominations Form located on the PRSA website.

A formal ballot will be distributed to the membership by May 1, 2014.

Election deadline is September 15, 2014. Newly elected officers will be formally announced at the Biennial Meeting in Denver, Colorado (October 23-26, 2014).
For additional information about the Executive Council and the responsibilities for each position, see the link on the Puerto Rican Studies Association website.

Excerpt from PRSA By-laws adopted October 23, 2010

Executive Council

Section 2. Composition, Election, Term, and Qualifications.
The Executive Council shall consist of eleven (11) directors elected by the membership at large: President, Vice President/President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Publications and Communications officer, Past President, and five (5) at large members to the Executive Council, consisting of: (a) three at large representatives, each of whom shall be the direct representative of the overall membership, and (b) two students, each of whom shall be the direct representative of the student members of the Association. The Executive Council may also designate one or more persons to serve as nonvoting ex officio members of the Executive Council. Directors and officers shall be members in good standing of the Association. Directors shall be elected by the membership at its annual meeting. All directors serve for a term of two years; provided, however, that the three at large representatives shall serve for a term of four (4) years. All terms shall begin January 1 and end when successors are elected and installed. No director shall serve more than one term in the same office. The terms of directors may be staggered, so as to not all expire at the same time, to the extent and as determined by the Executive Council. To this end, the term(s) of one (1) or more directors may be extended (but not abbreviated, as required by the N-PCL) to the extent and as determined by the Executive Council.

Queries regarding nominations and the ballot can be addressed to members of the Nominations Committee, Solsiree del Moral ( and Charles R. Venator-Santiago, (


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